Measuring the future of Agriculture with AI

From our flagship ASABE-award winning Agroview platform to the novel, emerging ground-sensor technology, Agriculture Intelligence identifies the key technologies that will pave the way for the Fourth Revolution in Agriculture.

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What We are About

Agriculture Intelligence is located in Gainesville, Florida, and a resident client at UF Innovate | The Hub. We were founded to identify, license, and sell market-ready precision agriculture software and hardware technologies invented and proven at the University of Florida with a focus on sensor fusion, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation in the specialty crop markets.

Our Products


Cloud-based AI  

Agroview is our flagship product. Agroview results are faster, better, and less expensive than traditional or current market options. Agroview empowers specialty crop stakeholders (growers, insurers, commodities investors, etc) with accurate, repeatable, and reliable insights to assess growing fields more effectively and efficiently, reduce costs, identify disease, increase yields, and increase sustainability.



In-Field Hardware Sensor

Agrosense is a patent-pending sensor technology. With Agrosense's on-board AI, LiDar, and multi-frame per second cameras, Agrosense is at the core of the evolution in variable rate spray systems. In real-time, Agrosense can assess: inventory (counts and gaps), tree health, accumulated yield (scion/fruit quantity and scion/fruit size). All collected data can be uploaded to the Agroview cloud-based AI for comprehensive analysis and review.

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Our Leadership Team

Matthew Donovan
Chief Executive Officer

Matt seamlessly blends agriculture and technology, spearheading innovative solutions. His strategic approach secures grants, forges partnerships, and pioneers AI advancements. Matt's leadership propels growth, fosters collaboration, and drives technological excellence.

Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Ampatzidis, with a PhD in Agricultural Engineering, is a tenured professor at the University of Florida. A recognized global authority in precision agriculture, he specializes in leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and AI for transformative advancements.

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